Update Your Website


Dated Website?

2014 is the year which will see 1 billion active websites on the world wide web so if you want people to click with you instead of click then run! Listen to this…
  • Mobile devices have exploded
  • To stay ahead your website must look great on a desktop PC, laptop, tablet & smartphone
  • Mobile use as a primary source of internet is set to overtake conventional computers

Does your website look good on a tablet or smartphone?

If the answer is no…then it is highly likely users will click off your website as it is too cumbersome to view, users demand a positive mobile experience. Which is why major outlets invest heavily in their mobile shopping experience.

High Resolution Screens

Dated websites look awful on a high resolution screen, modern websites designed correctly have this taken into account and test in all the latest browsers and screen sizes…naturally this comes as standard at Sean Miles.