Startup Faster

Ever wondered why your PC takes an absolute age to boot? Some people can make a cuppa or 3 while waiting, so don’t wait a minute longer than you actually have to…just follow this guide.
Once again we visit the program CCleaner check out the previous posts and get a feel for this program. Did you know every program you install can add a startup file booting up multiple programs when your computer is switching on, the worst case i’ve seen was 90! There is absolutely no need for all these programs, think about it…why on earth would you want to have 25 games running in the background just waiting to be clicked on just in case you take the mood. The fact of the matter is you can remove all unnecessary programs and your PC will function just fine and will start faster too, if you haven’t already done so download and install CCleaner.
Start CCleaner then click on the tab on the left of the screen marked “Tools” (just under Registry tab) then select “Startup”You will be presented with a list of all the programs which are set to start every single time your PC starts so have a look through them, you will see a mix of Windows System files and programs you are familiar with. Look for a program you are familiar with it may be a game or a mobile phone program so click on it once then on the right hand side of the window select “Disable”. Note by selecting “Disable” you can always revert it back to the original settings. Now the only programs you actually need running in the Startup are;

  • Anti-Virus
  • Windows System Files
  • Wireless Program if your PC is wireless