Want a quick way to have access to your photos or documents?

Dropbox makes USB keys a thing of the past, no need to carry around USB storage to eventually lose it, dropboxcan be accessed from any computer or smartphone. Just setup an account on your computer and basically just drag and drop any file on your computer you want to transfer or access and voila! It’s available on your IPhone or indeed anywhere, there are apps available for smart-phones or simply use your browser.

Transferring files has never been so easy using Dropbox!

Use Dropbox to store and share.

  • Share images or files to other users
  • Show your latest work from any PC
  • Share pictures with friends and family

Once installed on your computer it integrates beautifully into your file structure, open up file explorer and it appears as an additional drive so dragging files to and from is very slick indeed.

Better still it’s a shift away from any kind of public forum so if you want to share photos with just certain people. Drag and drop on your PC and when you are out open and view on your iPhone or smartphone it’s really that straightforward.

You will begin to wonder why people still use USB storage keys!

Students will find this software invaluable for saving precious coursework in the cloud.

Access anywhere without fear of overworked laptop having a meltdown along with your data.

Treat it as an archive or as an access anywhere tool, once you start using it you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

The best part of all it is free!! Yes free! There are various levels of account types all varying in size of course from a small personal account  to a large enterprise but if you are smart with moving your storage around it’s all you will ever need.

I have found that periodically the storage gets increased over time as a reward for being a continued user of the software, basic storage starts at 2Gb.