Clean PC – Need for Speed??

Clean PC

Did you know every click and every action you perform on your PC over time grinds it to a halt? Help is here to make a noticeable difference on the speed and overall performance of your computer. So the first tool you need is a maintenance software named CCleaner designed to leave you with a clean PC, follow the link below and install. Think of this first stage as a spring clean of your computer.

Clean PC…Almost Done

Ok now you have CCleaner installed and once you open the program you will be faced with a menu on the left and a white panel on the right, at the bottom of this panel look for “Analyze” click on this and depending on how clogged up your computer is will determine how long you have to wait. Note that there is a progress bar at the top of the window, which may not move for a while as it takes time to assimilate all the files, be patient though as it can take up to 15 mins. Once the progress bar is 100% complete you will be presented with the size of files to be removed and it can be a lot!! Don’t worry though it’s perfectly safe, then click on “Run Cleaner”. This will remove the files and finally free up your computer to execute the files that it needs to run efficiently, no more extended tea breaks while waiting on a start-up or a reboot.

You Now Have A Clean PC!

Congratulations!!! You have now stripped all unnecessary files away from your computer and you are ready for the next stage in getting your PC running faster. You should notice that loading web pages and general use has improved and is more fluid, soooo depending on how heavy a computer user you are, run this program once a fortnight (for the average user).

More tips coming soon.